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Chefs on the Rise Eggs-travaganza is an annual fundraising campaign organized by the New Hampshire Food Bank. Chefs hike to the top of Mount Major carrying their food and equipment on their backs. This campaign aims to raise awareness and support hunger relief agencies in their cause of helping people who are hungry. This time the team that makes your breakfast in Portsmouth was part of this event. You can watch the video about this initiative here.

chefs on the rise breakfast in portsmouthThis past August chefs have created dishes using the eggs donated by Pete and Gerry’s Eggs. The restaurants were able to raise a little over $6,000 (which equates to 12,000 meals for those in need). Even though we weren’t part of the campaign from the very beginning, The Country View Restaurant has sold $554 as part of this campaign. Our chef Steve prepared the new dish – the Marty Bacon Bake – which was included in our Specials Menu. Countless customers came to have their breakfast in Portsmouth at The Country View Restaurant to help us raise these funds.

It’s really great to be able to both produce an excellent, delicious breakfast dish, while also helping to develop the community that we live in” said Sandra Makmann, the owner of The Country View Restaurant. “The goal behind this whole initiative is that we care about the people that we serve, and we also want to give back to our community to make a difference as much as we can. For our neighbors, the hungry, anyone who’s in need, just make a little bit of an impact to that.


The Marty Bacon Bake Breakfast in Portsmouth


special dish breakfast in portsmouthWhen asked why we chose the Marty Bacon Bake for this campaign, we explain it as simply as we can – our egg bakes are popular, so we aimed to create a heavy egg dish that would both look great and taste delicious.

And people were definitely interested in the new dish. It was displayed in the Specials Menu brought to each customer’s table as well as on the Specials Board. When they saw New Hampshire Food Bank Bake, they wanted to know more about what exactly it was, not just from a food perspective, but from a fundraising perspective. Over the month, we were able to sell 62 egg bakes. Each penny that was raised was then donated to the New Hampshire Food Bank.

So it’s not only a great dish, but it’s assisting a local organization.

Future Plans

CV Crew breakfast in Portsmouth

We did and continue to do our best for our community. We were also part of the Greenland Parent Organization Scholarship Golf aimed to support the GPO Scholarship Fund. All of us at The Country View Restaurant believe that giving back to the community and helping those in need is vital. Within the next few months we have scheduled a lot of fundraising initiatives.

Between November 12th and 17th we will be donating 15% of checks to the Weeks Public Library in Greenland. Last year we helped them buy a projector that they had been trying to purchase and just needed a little financial assistance. In October we will be running fundraising campaigns supporting a fallen vet, The Dan Healy Foundation, and another one for the local SPCA. This is about our third year helping New Hampshire New Hampshire PBS for their November/December auction. We always have smaller requests in between the big events asking for gift cards, which we always offer.
By having your breakfast in Portsmouth at our place, you will also be helping us raise funds for those who are in need. You can see the full list of fundraising and campaigns we are part of here here.

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