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Last month we introduced a few new dishes at The Country View Restaurant and many of our changes have been very well received. Come see for yourself with a visit to the locals’ favorite breakfast and lunch restaurant in the Portsmouth area.

Menu Changes

We like to keep the menu fresh and exciting”, said Sandra Makmann, owner of The Country View Restaurant. “We often create some fabulous specials that we test on our daily specials menu and then, if proven to be popular, become a permanent part of our menu.

Recently, we have added quite a few new dishes to our already vast menu. And now we’d like to tell you more about them.

Your favorites

breakfast in Portsmouth

Pulled Pork Sandwich, The Country View Restaurant in Greenland, New Hampshire.

Many of the new menu items reflect our customers’ feedback after being offered as a special and we are, in many ways, a reflection of our customers. Our Pulled Pork Sandwich is a great example of expanding our lunch offerings based on positive customer feedback. Packed with pulled pork, cheddar cheese and house made barbecue it sits on top of a Brioche roll.

Ultimately, our menu is built to showcase our customers’ favorite dishes.

Egg Dishes

breakfast in Portsmouth

Grilled Cheese Benedict, The Country View Restaurant in Greenland, New Hampshire.

We cook a great  variety of Benedict’s, but one that stood out the moment it appeared on the Specials Menu was the Grilled Cheese Benedict.  It’s a grilled cheese of sourdough bread, mozzarella cheese, bacon and two poached eggs topped with creamy hollandaise sauce. It quickly became very popular and is one of our staff’s favorite dishes. One of our most recent blogs highlights our staff’s favorite menu items.

We believe that American food is all about comforting, hearty and delicious meals. The new Marty’s Egg Bake of the Day fits this description. Quickly becoming a bestseller it is an ever changing array of a tantalizing assortment of ingredients baked into an egg casserole. It’s the perfect item to start or end your day with as the classic casserole feel makes it something you can have for breakfast or lunch in our restaurant in the Portsmouth area.


breakfast in Portsmouth

Stuffed Blue Burger, The Country View Restaurant in Greenland, New Hampshire.

We take our burgers seriously and it’s our half-pound, twice-ground blend of brisket, sirloin and flap that helped earn us the Best Burger on the Seacoast Award. We are proud to announce that three new burgers have earned their way onto our permanent menu. The Stuffed Blue Burger has a blue cheese crumble stuffed inside the burger blend and adds a nice surprise to the first bite. If you’re looking for a healthier version, we recommend our new Turkey Burger Melt. It blends a creative mixture of  bacon, cheddar cheese, sliced apple and dried cranberries on grilled thick sourdough bread. The Turkey Burger Melt is a delicious option for our more health-conscious customers. For anyone who worries less about calories we have introduced the Mac ’N’ Cheese Burger. The burger created with our house made Mac ‘N’ Cheese and topped with lettuce, tomatoes and red onion.

Local Bakery

We’ve recently started a great partnership with a local baker and it has allowed us to introduce home made gluten-free muffins!  We’re lucky to have formed a relationship with Andi Rowe who does the baking from a commercial kitchen in her home. The response has been overwhelmingly positive from our gluten sensitive customers. Andi realized the lack of good gluten-free menu items available in grocery stores and restaurants in the Portsmouth area. Then she decided that she would start baking her own. We suggest you try one of these wonderful Gluten Free Homemade Muffins that we now serve.

Healthy Notes

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Turkey Burger Melt, The Country View Restaurant in Greenland, New Hampshire.

We care about our customers’ healthy food preferences and we seek to improve ourselves everyday. The Country View kitchen has also upgraded to a gluten-free Canadian bread produced by the Little Northern Bakehouse. It offers a much tastier option than those we’ve used in the past. In addition, we also offer different and healthier burger options for our current burger menu such as a turkey burger (for $1), veggie burger (for  $1) or a bison burger (for $2) for any of our current burger offerings. Ask our restaurant in the Portsmouth area servers for more information.

Upcoming Dishes

When making changes, we always keep in mind local trends and preferences. We’ve focused on dishes that would compliment the character of New Hampshire, which, of course, is part of New England. Items such as Fish and Chips, Crab Cake Bennie and our new Haddock Reuben are specific to the region. Check out these delicious fish dishes the next time you visit us and you’ll be reminded why we love the seacoast region so much.

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Crab Cake Bennie, The Country View Restaurant in Greenland, New Hampshire.

With this in mind, we’ll be launching our Lobster Roll this summer, which features fresh local lobster straight off the lobster man’s boat. Our lobster rolls will be prepared with a house made aioli on a hearty roll. And make sure to try it when the lobster season opens this summer!

Stay tuned to our blog! Be the first one to know about our news regarding the busy life of our friendly family restaurant in the Portsmouth area. Let us know what you think about our new menu changes!

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    The new menu looks great! I am originally from the south and we always had sweet cole slaw on pulled pork. Can you substitute cole slaw for onion rings? Also, do you have malt vinegar for the fish and chips?


    • Sandra Makmann

      Hi Tyra! We are always happy to substitute sides for you. And we do have malt vinegar for the fish and chips. ‘Looking forward to serving you soon!

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